S e c u r e .

How hackers hijack accounts

Why Mobile Phone 2FA Fails

Cellular SMS

Unsecure channel.

Most passcodes are sent through unsecure telco SMS.

Predictable Numbers 0-9

Unsecure data.

Simple ASCII data like numbers can be captured by malware.

Human not required

Robots can do it.

Malware bots can submit user credentials.

Principles of Visual Authentication

How Cryptografx Stops Hackers

Safeguards online accounts from phishing, malware and password theft


  • Why is Cryptografx more secure than SMS number passcodes?

    Cryptografx passcodes are created dynamically from a large alphabet of unique images, making them completely unpredictable, unreadable and unusable by malware.

  • How does Cryptografx eliminate phishing and password hacking?

    Since no static credentials are transmitted during user authentication, there is nothing to phish for, and no stored passwords or credentials to steal.

  • Does that mean we don't need Captcha anymore?

    Yes! Matching the images is easy for humans, but it's actually a Turing test that computers fail... so there's no need for Captcha.

  • When will Cryptografx be available?

    Our team is currently in the final testing phases and preparing for commercial launch in 2021.

  • Is Cryptografx patented?

    Cryptografx technology is protected by 10 issued patents.


Who Needs Better Authentication Security?