Stronger Authentication

Did you leave your back door open?
Hackers can steal one-time passcodes sent to mobile phones through the phone's no-so-secret "back door" and gain access to user accounts. That's why we created 2FA Version 2.


Our Mission

CryptografxTM was formed to commercialize the advanced security technology developed by Biogy over the past decade. A cyber-security thinktank, Biogy develops identity protection technologies and IP for military-grade security applications, including secure biometric keys and multi-factor authentication systems.

Biogy is led by Dr. Michael Fiske, who developed the groundbreaking nondeterministic one-time-passcode algorithms for the most secure identity and transaction verification systems.

Dr. Fiske has invented and implemented algorithms pertaining to encrypted executable code, code obfuscation, cryptography, signature recognition, fingerprint recognition, and machine learning. He is the inventor on 11 security-related patents and 6 additional patent applications pending.

Our vision: An online world free of threats to financial and personal security.

Our mission: Protect online user accounts with stronger authentication.

2FA Version 2.0

The Technology

A stronger authentication factor

The commonly-used SMS one-time passcode method has already been compromised (e.g., the SS7 Vulnerability), but Cryptografx 2FA creates numerous new and very difficult challenges for hackers.

End-to-end protection

Sending encrypted passcodes through encrypted channels makes more sense than sending unencrypted numers through SMS, right? Military-grade encryption and multi-level countermeasures against malware attacks make Cryptografx the most secure software-only solution for user authentication.

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The Team

Mark Tuttle


Chief Executive Officer

A technologist and startup coach, Mark is the co-founder of Web Associates (later called Level). Hes been helping to pioneer innovative business solutions and leading technical teams for over 20 years, in the United States and in Europe.

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Dr. Michael Stephen Fiske



Inventor on 17 security-related patents, Dr. Fiske's algorithms pertain to encrypted executable code, code obfuscation, cryptography, signature recognition, fingerprint recognition, and machine learning.

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Darren Sullivan

Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer

A veteran software engineer and web developer, Darren has a history of successfully producing and managing complex, data-intensive applications for top companies and NGOs. His experience spans a wide variety of industries and technologies.

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Dave Dahl

Marketing & Creative

Marketing & Creative

A former Navy swimmer and navigator, Dave received his bachelors degree in World Literature from the University of California at Santa Barbara. During his Masters program at CalPoly, he co-founded World Wide Web Associates (later known as Level and acquired by Rosetta). As an agency director for most of the past twenty years, he has worked with large and small companies to design new products, strategies, brands and experiences.

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Bruce Jensen



After managing large profit centers at top banks like BofA and Wells-Fargo, Bruce founded Town & Country Bank. With Bruce as President and CEO, it became one of the top-performing banks in the United States. Bruce has also received Banker of the Year and CEO of the Year awards.

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